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Electroplating Worcester

Doug Taylor Metal Finishing Co are a family-run business, established in 1981 and providing comprehensive services for Electroplating Worcester. The business was started by Doug Taylor himself, a keen chemist who began Electroplating and Polishing in 1958, and there are now three generations of the Taylor family involved in the business.

What is Electroplating Worcester?

IMG_5288Electroplating is the coating of an electrically conductive object with a layer of metal using electrical current.   The item to be coated is placed into a container containing a solution of one or more metal salts and, when an electrical current is passed through it a thin, smooth, even layer of metal forms on the object.   Considerable skill and craft-technique is required to ensure an evenly-coated finished product, and in most case we use a multi-layer process to achieve a deep and even result.   A range of metals can be plated onto an almost limitless number of objects, providing a surface in chrome, nickel, zinc, copper, silver or gold.

What is Metal Polishing?

Polishing is a critical part of the electroplating service which is carried out by experienced polishers using industrial machines before plating begins.   All marks, blemishes and imperfections need to be removed at this stage, but as we are working in most cases with second hand metal this is not always possible and sometimes it is inevitable that pits may remain in restoration items after plating.  Whilst polishing is part of the electroplating process, we are happy to offer this as a stand alone service. 

Services we offer:

All of our work is carried-out in house to British Standards, using modern processing plant capable of providing the highest quality plating services to meet the varied demands of both trade and private customers.   We incorporate additional inspection points at each element of the plating process to ensure that the end result provides the best possible finish that the metal part will allow. Everything is checked whilst wrapped to ensure the item is of the highest quality before being sent out or collected. We will handle everything from single items to larger volumes, subject to required turnaround times.