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Metal Polishing Southampton

Doug Taylor Metal Finishing Co are a family-run business, established in 1981 and providing comprehensive Metal Polishing Southampton. The business was started by Doug Taylor himself, a keen chemist who began Metal Polishing in 1958, and there are now three generations of the Taylor family involved in the business.

Processes for Metal Polishing Southampton

At Doug Taylor Metal Finishing Co, we have highly skilled polishers with over 40 years’ experience between them, providing comprehensive metal polishing Southampton. We aim to achieve the best possible finish with every item we undertake. We specialise in restoring all types of classic/vintage car parts, motorcycle parts, marine parts, BMX/Raleigh Chopper parts, household items and bespoke items. We can also accommodate industrial metal polishing Southampton.

Polishing is a critical part of the electroplating service which is carried out by experienced polishers using industrial machines before plating begins.

All marks, blemishes and imperfections need to be removed at this stage, but as we are working in most cases with second hand metal this is not always possible and sometimes it is inevitable that pits may remain in restoration items after plating.

Die cast and aluminium in particular can contain a certain amount of porosity therefore an initial assessment will be made upon receipt, so you the customer are fully aware of the overall finish that we will be able to achieve.

Whilst metal polishing services are part of the electroplating process, we are happy to offer this as a stand alone service. We can meet your individual requests by polishing all types of metal to a mirror or satin finish.