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Quality Assurance

At Doug Taylor Metal Finishing Co, we have been restoring electroplated items since 1980, items that have been plated are stripped sympathetically in either a chemical solution, by reverse electrolysis, by an acid tank or by sandblasting.

To end up with a perfect lustrous electroplated finish, the base metal has to be polished to a high degree so that it is highly reflective. This polishing process takes skill and is consequently time consuming and relatively expensive.

Once the best finish has been achieved, the items are then ready for processing.

Usually items are degreased in an aqueous cleaner to remove the polishing media, from this point they are rinsed and inspected for water-breaks (clear sign more cleaning is required if visible). If it is found to be perfectly degreased the item then goes for chemical/electrolytic cleaning to activate the base metal for, initially Copper plating, then Nickel and finally Chrome.

The level of thickness of the Copper and Nickel will determine the items corrosion protection.

We are also able to process Zinc based Die- casting (Mazak) but the finish will be determined by the condition of the base metal.

Our Quality Procedure

  • All items are documented upon receipt
  • Photographs will be taken if required
  • We professionally strip, acid dip and sandblast
  • We polish to a mirror finish
  • Once inspected, the items are ready for triple plate.

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Please note – The overall finish of any item is dependant on the condition of the base metal.

We are members of the Federation of Small Businesses, and take customer care and satisfaction extremely seriously. Call with any enquiries today.

We only guarantee a show finish with a perfect base metal. We offer a guarantee with all electroplating. Please ask for further information if required.